3 Days At The Fair 2011 – 72 Hour

From the Race Directors:

We are happy to announce that NJ Trail Series will be offering a 72 Hour option at 3 Days at the Fair in 2011.  This is in addition to the current offering of 48 and 24 hour races. The start date for the 72 Hour is Thursday May 12, 2011.  The race location is Augusta, NJ at the NJ State Fairgrounds.

The race is held on a flat certified loop of .85 miles (approx 1.4km).  There is a full kitchen on the loop to provide hot and cold food 24 hours a day.  Bathrooms and showers are also right on the loop to allow the runners their best chance to achieve their maximum result.  Plenty of space to set up tents or other items alongside the course as well.
The link to the website is www.njtrailseries.com/fair.

Thank you,
Jennifer and Rick McNulty
NJ Trail Series
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