The Coldest Journey – 2000 Miles Across Antarctica

coldestjourney The Coldest Journey   2000 Miles Across Antarctica
Leading  a team of five other explorers in a quest to achieve a feat no other human has managed, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is planning to walk across 2000 miles across Antarctica in 2013. Antarctica is the worlds highest continent Рcovered by an average ice sheet 1.6 km (a mile) thick with some of the lowest temperatures recorded on Earth.

The ship leaves in March and will take a month to get there and the actual crossing, accompanied by two bulldozers, is expected to take 6 months. Sir Ralph is hoping the event will race is $10 million (£6.2 million) for Seeing is Believing, a blindness charity.


BBC article: Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ ‘coldest journey’ begins

The Coldest Journey website

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