Advertise your race on with a variety of banner ad sizes.

This is a sample 458×60 banner ad that will be rotated in the header.

This is a 125×125 banner ad that will be rotated in the sidebar.

your ad here AdvertiseWe can offer 125x125px advertising slots in the sidebar up to a maximum of seven. Larger formats are also available, see below.

How do I advertise?
Send your 125x125px graphic (jpeg/gif), for example to, and we’ll get it posted for you. We will send you an invoice when we receive your graphic. Once we receive payment we will activate the add which will run as per agreement.


So how much?
A 125px by 125px ad is $10 per month.

Email to discuss these options.
A 125px by 250px (height) ad would be $13 per month.
Banner 480×60 (like banner at top of this page) from $15 per month
Vertical Banner (60 x 480) $20 per month
Skyscraper (120×600) $30 per month

sample banner sizes 291x300 Advertise

The prices on the site are current at the time of writing (December 2013) and offers both and its clients a good deal.

How do I pay?
Our preferred method of payment is via Paypal. All credit card transactions are processed through the secure Paypal website. We do not have access to your credit card information in anyway, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your information is safe with an internationally reputable company.
You are not required to have or sign up for a PayPal account.
If you wish to pay by check or money order, please contact us at We will give you instructions from there.

We use Awstats to monitor activity on the site. Different stats programs take different aspects into consideration in different ways. Google Analytics gives a very different picture to Awstats.

In 2013 showed:

      February 13k (lowest monthly total)
      October 18k (highest monthly total)

170,000 visits for 2013 Jan-Nov

Daily traffic is just over 550 visitors a day on the site. (As of November 2013).

How many hits can I expect?
Ads perform differently depending on a number of factors – their design, colour, size, placement and subject matter.

Click through rates for banner ads are estimated to be 0.11%.


I dont have a banner

We can work with you to build a great ad. Let us know what you want and we will send you some samples.

Email with your requirements.

We can also refer you to a designer.

paypal mrb banner Advertise

Run and Become from Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team on Vimeo.

Day 7 Update: The Montane Spine Race

Day 7 Video Update and the remaining competitors are on the home straight

Posted by The Spine on Friday, 15 January 2016