Sri Chinmoy 10 Day Coverage – Mark Dorion – April 21 2016

Ed_Ettinghausen_by _Mark_Dorion
Ed Ettinghausen Photo by Yuri Esperson

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Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 14:22:27 -0600
From: Mark Dorion
Subject: Re: Sri Chinmoy 10 Day Coverage

Quick update–
With bright sun and clear skies, many runners taking afternoon siesta.

The two sisters at the front of the 10 day (m a n o s h r i, g a u t a m i) are originally from eastern Europe but work and live in the historic part of Ottawa, Ontario. They are extremely charming and smile and chat to everyone. They are being handled by their mom. They are both about 6′ tall and my daughter is convinced they are famous fashion models (this may be true, I dont know for sure).

Having done the 10 day, I and many other veterans concur days 2 and 3 are the hardest part, especially mentally. Do not be surprised to see runners bounce back with better running on days 4 and 5.

My list for shopping keeps growing– fancy chocolate for sarah, lots of cappuccino and southern tea for ed, a new pair of size 15 wide shoes for one of the many Russian giants, dunkin donuts for the late night workers, etc.

The new u.s. open roofed tennis main stadium near the course looks like a giant u.f.o. keep in mind men in black had scenes filmed on this course at the unisphere.

The big and sad news for everyone is that the beloved music legend prince passed. Musicians on the course are remembering him. Friday there is a big concert near the race at the famous panorama cafe. Performers include p.r. tubbs (longtime band member of Whitney Houston group, Santana, tribekestan etal), Kristin Hoffman, and others I shall try to post standings asap. Keep in mind my back is killing me and I am in the 6 day race.

There is one big thing this race has that no other multi day does: it is in the heart of the big Apple, the town frank Sinatra Jr. Still sings about in “new york, new york.” The multi cultural spectators and race helpers are the real america the melting pot. The night lights in all directions and especially over scenic meadow lake are like in the movies.

Sri chinmoy himself is definitely out here cheering the runners!

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