Mike Morton Sets New US 24 Hour Record At 2012 World Championships

Rich Limacher  frequently honours ultrarunners with the accolade of The Most Interesting Man/Woman In The World, TMIM/WITW. The latest person to join this illustrious list is Mike Morton and this is an excerpt of his post on the Ultralist.
Mike Morton set a new 24-hour American Record by winning gold at this past weekend’s IAU 24-Hour World Championships in Katowice, Poland. He ran 277.543,73 kilometers, which translates to 172.457 miles. (And BTW, his previous 24-hour PR was 263.87 kilometers.) Here’s those championship results:
Here’s the official write-up:
And Bib #262’s pretty cool photo is here:
Thanks to Dave Combs for this link!
And not only this, but less than two months beforehand Mike won Badwater (beating 2nd place by 40 minutes!):
And not only that, but just this past spring he won Umstead:
OMG, the young man’s unstoppable!! And by the way, yours troubly (along with the rest of the world) first encountered Mike back in 1997, when he blistered Western States in Course Record time–which stood for many years. No, yours troubly was’t running right behind him or anything. Yours troubly just remembers all the HUGE buzz that was buzzing all over Placer High School’s track-and-football stadium when he (i.e., me) got there. Nobody’d ever heard of the young man from back East who had just blitzed the course. Nobody’d ever heard of yours troubly either. Still haven’t!
Anyway, Mike’s latest record is recorded here, along with at least one other notable achievement (check out his 100-mile time!):
And finally, author Wyatt Hornsby, per his blog…
…reminds us that he also wrote a full feature article on Mike in UltraRunning magazine just this past March. Check it out! So, all these are just a few reasons for Mike Morton’s honor as this week’s TMIMITW.

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