Don Winkley – Fulfilling His Dreams

Don sent a link to an article and video on his local tv station. I first met Don in the inaugural Sri Chinmoy 10 day race on Randals Island, New York in 1996 and shared with me some interesting ideas about running multiday races. Don has, as he mentions in the video, wanted to run a lot of the great races and he has gone about doing just that. He has run in every edition of the Transe Gaule race and usually runs Nova Coli in Italy as a training run. In 2006 he ran in the Spartathlon(pictured with Scott Jurek, Mark Godale and Jim Rudig). He set a then age group record by running 200 miles in 48 hours at Surgeres and this year realised his dream of running the Comrades Ultramarathon.

Don will soon be running the Vol-State race across Tennesee and he sent a note:

“For now the link to Vol State is as follows. I guess it will be updated as the race unfolds. I did find a crew, a fellow Donald Brown who aided me last year. He was a real pro and we made a good team. I ran last year only to test my ability to finish Transe Gaule. This year as the only aided runner and in much better shape – it will be fun.
For those who may not have seen it, this is the new link for mike dobies’ ‘nearly real time’ vol state status site.

Checkout the video at The home of multiday running news and events.

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