Barefoot Running Research

Vibram Five Fingers on Amazon.comNew research supports the idea that barefoot running form offers less impact on the heel as the forefoot is better suited to absorb shock. A new paper published this week in the journal Nature, co-authored by Daniel E. Lieberman, professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University provides insight into the high number of repetitive stress injuries experienced by runners today.

For most runners who have worn shoes all their running lives the transition, for those who feel comfortable taking this path, should be gradual to build up the foot muscles that make running a more natural running form. Use of minimalist shoes should be integrated into training over time perhaps several months as the foot muscles develop.

Checkout the website which has lots of useful information and videos.

Website includes:
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Another article based on the Lieberman et al paper:Barefoot Running Better In Some Instances

Wikipedia – Stress fracture and prevention The home of multiday running news and events.

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