The Last Annual Vol-State

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The Last Annual Vol-State Run is a non-stop race from Dorena Landing, MO to Castle Rock, GA. This is a distance of 314 miles (500km).


Usually takes place in July. The 2010 race started at 7:29am CDT on Thursday, July 15th, and has a 10 day time limit.


The facebook page says that the race goes "back for over 30 years."

Last Annual Vol-State Winners

  • 2005 Barry Crumrine
  • 2006 DeWayne Satterfield
  • 2007 Carl Laniak
  • 2009 Dewayne Satterfield
  • 2010 Juli Astars
  • 2011 Don Winkley
  • 2012

Race Director

Gary Cantrell


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