The Japan Trailwalker

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The Japan Trailwalker course winds through national park scenary around Mt.Fuji, and also covers part of the ancient Tokkaido Road (route of the daimyo). It passes by stunning temples, over high ridges, and along famous lakes. Last year's course had 30,000 feet of climbing, though it looks as if this year's course will be slightly easier.

Trailwalker events are organized by Oxfam in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia etc. In this format, teams of four must run together throughout the 100k , going through a series of checkpoints as a team. The Japan Trailwalker is still a rather new event, while the Hong Kong Trailwalker is by far the most popular ultra event in Asia. Even though a majority of the teams simply walk the race, at the sharp end, Trailwalkers are very competitive ultra marathon events.


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