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Terri Schneider is an American adventure racer, triathlete, ultrarunner and mountaineer. Terri has raced and adventured in over 70 countries. Through the hundreds of events in which she’s excelled she’s established herself as one of the most diversely experienced multi-sport endurance athletes and coaches in the world. As a world-class professional triathlete for 10 years—specializing in the Ironman distance—and elite international adventure racer for eight, Terri has been featured on the Discovery Channel, USA Network, high profile talk shows, news segments and popular outdoor publications.

Ultrarunning highlights

  • 2006 Racing the Planet, Gobi Desert, China, 7-day run race, 2nd open woman
  • 2005 Racing the Planet,Sahara Desert, Egypt, 7-day run race, 1st open woman, 4th overall
  • 2005 The Western States Endurance Run, Auburn, CA, 12th open woman
  • 2003 Wasatch Front 100, Utah, 6th open woman