Multiday and ultrarunning in Australia

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This page is a collection of links to pages on Phil Essam's site, PlanetUltramarathon.

Phil Essam is researching a history of ultrarunning in Australia that includes runners histories, race reports and other information contributed by Andy Milroy, Alan Staples, Tim Erickson, Phil Lear, Fred Brooks and Kevin Cassidy. A lot of these articles were written by Ian Cornelious and originally appeared in Ultramag which is the quarterly magazine put out by the Australian Ultrarunning Association.

A new site also run by Phil Essam contains a considerble quantity of Australian ultra running history. Ultra Legends is a great resource for anyone looking at where ultrarunning has come from.

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%20%20by%20Ian%20Javes%20(2).doc Queensland Ultra History in the 80's by Ian Javes]