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The term Journey runner refers to people who undertake a long journey for personal reasons and not commercial though are often fund raisers for particular charities such as Paula Duncans recent hike along the Great Divide.

Planning a run

Currently running

Finished running

Paul Staso has completed a solo run across the United States between June 23 and October, 20, 2006

Paula Duncan has finished solo-hiking 1200km of the Great Divide Trail from the Canada-USA border at Waterton (in Alberta), to Kakwa Lake Provincial Park (in British Columbia) raising money for Child Haven International

Serge Girard Frenchman running from Tpkyo to Paris starting 18th December, 2005. A journey of 19300 km and taking an scheduled 276 days.

David Horton Sets new record on the Pacific Crest Trail

Jonathan George Williams Run Willy Run is the site of this 26 year old living his dream.

Run Across The USA Youthful Matt and Brandon are running/walking across the USA

Bjorn Suneson plans to run from Chicago to New Orleans starting 7th July 2005 Updates on this site

Achim Heukemes, the great German Runner has crossed Australia in 43 days and change. Set new record.

Bruce Johnson Crossing the USA from Feb 1st 2005

John Wallace III Westport, WA to Tybee Island, GA Approx. 3800 miles. Read Johns newsletter on this site

Nick Baldock Ran across the US to raise money for theJosie Russel Trust

Journey runner Matt Chico and his wife Laura finish bike/run across the USA

Jesper Olsen Bidding to be the first authenticated runner to circle the globe. Updates on this site

World Harmony Run Global relay Running 11,000 miles in 4 months in the US and 8 months 45 countries in Europe plus Anzac, Canadian, Russian legs.

Sue Norwood is running the 2175 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine

Bobbys Run Bob Brown is running from The Portugese Atlantic to the Russian border

Dave and Scott traveled 3,150 miles on foot from Sea Bright, NJ to Florence, OR

The FAT MAN Steven Vaught is walking across the U.S. "to lose weight and regain my life!"

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