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*[[Rosie Swale-Pope]]
*[[Rosie Swale-Pope]]
===Finished running===
===Finished Running===
*[[Bruce Johnson]] crossing the USA from Feb 1st 2005
*[[Bruce Johnson]] crossing the USA from Feb 1st 2005

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The term Journey runner refers to people who undertake a long journey for personal reasons and not commercial though are often fund raisers for particular charities such as Paula Duncans recent hike along the Great Divide.

Planning a run

Currently running

Finished Running


  • Bruce Johnson crossing the USA from Feb 1st 2005
  • Paul Staso has completed a solo run across the United States between June 23 and October, 20, 2006
  • Jonathan George Williams Run Willy Run is the site of this 26 year old living his dream.
  • Run Across The USA Youthful Matt and Brandon are running/walking across the USA
  • John Wallace III Westport, WA to Tybee Island, GA Approx. 3800 miles. Read Johns newsletter on this site
  • Nick Baldock Ran across the US to raise money for theJosie Russel Trust
  • Journey runner Matt Chico and his wife Laura finish bike/run across the USA
  • Dave and Scott traveled 3,150 miles on foot from Sea Bright, NJ to Florence, OR
  • The FAT MAN WALKING.com Steven Vaught is walking across the U.S. "to lose weight and regain my life!"
  • Bjorn Suneson ran from Chicago to New Orleans starting 7th July 2005 Updates on this site

Trail Hike

  • Paula Duncan has finished solo-hiking 1200km of the Great Divide Trail from the Canada-USA border at Waterton (in Alberta), to Kakwa Lake Provincial Park (in British Columbia) raising money for Child Haven International
  • David Horton Sets new record on the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Sue Norwood is running the 2175 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine

Continental Europe

  • Bobbys Run Bob Brown is running from The Portugese Atlantic to the Russian border
  • Serge Girard Frenchman running from Tokyo to Paris starting 18th December, 2005. A journey of 19300 km and taking an scheduled 276 days.

Trans Australia

  • Achim Heukemes, the great German Runner has crossed Australia in 43 days and change. Set new record.

World Runner

  • Jesper Olsen Bidding to be the first authenticated runner to circle the globe. Updates on this site
  • World Harmony Run Global relay Running 11,000 miles in 4 months in the US and 8 months 45 countries in Europe plus Anzac, Canadian, Russian legs.

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