International Tour de Taiwan Island Ultra-Marathon

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Inaugural International Tour de Taiwan Island Ultra-Marathon will take place in 2013

Race route

Taiwan is an island with 1,100 Kilometer around the perimeter. The Tropic of Cancer goes through the middle of the island. The route is covered with asphalt and passes through the fields, small towns and cities linking all the 23 counties of Taiwan.

Sekiya’s test run

In March 2012, Mr. Ryoichi Sekiya, the four times IAU 24H WC champion, ran the route to express the gratitude to Taiwan people who donated to the victim of Japan big earth quake on March 11,2011. He started and ended at the track of Soochow University, Taipei, the location where the first Ultra-Marathon race took place in Taiwan in 1999.

Race itself

2013 March 30 - April 12: 14 days, 1,100Km, stage race. The participants will cover average 78Km a day, 6Km/hours is the limit. Participants will be from all over the world. The number of runners is 50 estimated. Three weekends March 30, March 31, April 6, April 7 will host one day ultrarace in conjunction with Tour de Taiwan ultra-marathon.


The temperature will be 20 ~ 28 Celsius. Some of the days are expected to have some rains.

Entry fee & donation

Entry fee is EUR800.00, includes 14 days accommodation, 3 meals a day, food & drink in the aided station. We welcome donation, EUR1.00 every 10 kilometer, from your friends, colleagues or families.

Field Limit

A limit of 30 international runners.

Race organizer

Race organizer, Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners. Mr. Frank Kuo, the race director ([email protected]) Mr. Rui Chen, the secretary General ([email protected])


Starts from November 23, close on December 31.