Dragon's Back

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The 'Dragon's Back' was a 220-mile (350 km) five-day race the length of Wales in 1992, taking in the some of the most challenging mountainous terrain the country had to offer. It was supposed to become an annual race, but because of its severity (the Swedish ultra runner Rune Larsson, who had once run 162 miles (261 km) in twenty-four hours abandoned any ambition to win the race by the end of the first day), it only occurred once.

The race was won by Helene Diamantides and Martin Stone winning in 38 hrs 38 mins. The extent of Diamantides' achievement can be seen by the fact that the strong all-male pairing of Mark McDermott and Adrian Belton came second with a time of 39 hrs, 10 mins (McDermott is one the greatest fell runners of recent years, having the distinction of running seventy-six Lake District peaks in 24 hours).

The race is being planned again for 2012 by Shane Ohly.