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Andy Milroy is the Association of Road Racing Statisticians Co-ordinator as well as a global road running historian having written many articles on the subject.

  • He is the author of "The Long Distance Record Book," editor of books on training for ultradistance events, and the primary originator of the "Ultra Marathon Race Handbook," the accepted rule book for ultrarunning.

Ultra Legends has a collection of Andy Milroy's articles that have brought the history of the origins of Pedestrianism and the feats of nineteenth century runners to our attention today.


  • Captain Barclay – 19th Century Super Ultra Runner
  • The race put on by CC Pyle in 1928 - Across America on Foot
  • One of the early Pedestrian Walkers who also had a distinguised military career - Alden Partridge
  • Part of the history of British Ultrarunning – British Ultrarunning history – Number 2
  • Used by Royal Courts all over Europe since the early 16th Century - Basque Runners
  • Females tougher than males?
  • History of the 24hr race
  • History of the 6 day race
  • How and why of the Old Time 6 day races
  • Indian Ultra Pilgrimages
  • Palio del Drappo Verde
  • Pedestrianism in America
  • Review of 1989
  • The Largest Ultras (1985/86)
  • The Long Distance Running Book (1990)
  • The race of the century
  • The Universal Ultra
  • The 24hr race of 1931
  • The 1000 miles – History
  • The Tipton 100 miles
  • Ultra events and performances
  • Ultrarunning in 1990
  • Ultrarunning in 1991
  • Ultrarunning in 1992
  • International Update – April 1993
  • Yiannis Kouros
  • Native American Indians
  • What is a Sensible racing strategy for Elite 100km runners