World Run II Looking For Help

Phil Essam has been helping Jesper Olsen remotely during this World Run II and has sent a message to the ultrarunning community asking for anyone to run or crew for Jesper on his amazing journey.
The experience of living on the road is pretty intense but the rewards are equally as powerful.

If you are able to hook up with Jesper for any part of his run and are able to help in anyway, you will be taking part in a significant event in the world of running as well as on a personal level.

Phil writes:

Over the next seventeen months, Danish Ultra runner, Jesper Olsen will be continuing his World Run 2, through two of the toughest continents in the world. These are Africa and South America. At this stage he will be doing it alone, pushing his stroller and looking after himself.

If there is anyone that might be able to join him for part or all of the journey and crew for him, please let me know at [email protected] Jesper would only be able to help with on road expenses, but he would be eternally grateful and you would be part of this exciting journey.

If you can help, please contact me.

Phil Essam

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  1. We couldn’t run with Jesper, but we would love to get involved. I sent him an email. I just launched a new performance apparel company in August of 2008 that’s dedicated to environmental and social causes. We launched with performance tops made from recycled materials. Our tops also use Cocona technology which is a natural enhancement alternative to the harmful chemicals used in many performance fabrics. Our company is called Atayne ( and if interested, we would love to be a performance top sponsor for Jesper (if he needs or wants one). Our tops also come with a ‘point of view’ statement on the front of them to promote awareness and discussion. We have two point of view statements right now 1) Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Run and 2) Run Hard. Tread Lightly.

    If you can get to him, we would love to talk.

    All the best,

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