Ultrarunning World Vol. 1

ultrarunningworld_300x225_sThe first issue of Ultrarunning World magazine is available as a free downloadable pdf. This magazine was scheduled to be published in April/May 2007 so its not really news, more like history actually but nevertheless still contains some quality content.

It will be possible to get a hard copy of the magazine if there is enough demand. However that will not be free. Estimated price is £3-3:50

Please send an email if you would like to order a printed copy to: [email protected]

UltraRunning World Contents:

Barry 40 – Mick McGeoch
The Highland Fling – Murdo MacDonald
Run Across America –  Martin Illot
Uno In Brno – Tony Mangan
Seven Days in the Swiss Jura – Kris Whorton
The North Face Ultra-Trail Tour du Mont-Blanc – Aisling Coppinger
Ultra Athletes Grapple Arctic Front – Jessica Simon
Discovering the Goal –  William Sichel
Motivation: Differences between a 5k and an ultra –  Neil Cook


Work on a more current issue is underway.


A printed copy of the magazine is available from Magcloud  for $5:41

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