Trans Am 2008 – John Wallace Newsletter

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 23:47:00 -0800
From: John H Wallace III
Subject: Across America in 2008

It’s going to be crowded out there this year! Please let me know if there is anyone else anybody knows about.


Brian Curro (2008; Peace Arch,WA – Key West, FL; 3,600 miles)

Dan Popp (January 2008; NYC, NY – San Fransico,CA; 3,000+ miles)

Andrew Wahila, Matthew Durkin, Ken Stannard, Dewey DeLisle (2/1/08-6/1/08; Tybee Island, GA – San Diego, CA; 2,800 miles)

Glen R. Turner (2/17/08-4/11/08; Oceanside, CA – Tybee Island, GA; 2,493 miles)

Tom & Warren Knoll and American Veterans (3/1/08-7/4/08; San Diego, CA – Washington, DC; 3,000 miles)

Bruce Johnson (Spring 2008; FL-CA; 3,000miles)

Rick Hammersley (4/1/08-10/1/08; Bodega Bay, CA – Coney Island, NY; 3,700 miles)

Lisa Smith-Batchen & Louise Cooper (Spring (Late April) 2008; Huntington Beach, CA-NYC, NY; 3,200 miles)

Marshall Ulrich & Charlie Engle; (5/21/08-7/5/08; Seattle, WA – Washington, DC; 3,200 miles)

Also, here is an interesting link: The home of multiday running news and events.


  1. Follwo this epic father and son jouney across the United States as they attempt to raise $1,000,000 for Charity.

    Tom Knoll is an original Ironman and is 72 years young! They will average 30 miles a day for 112 days from San Diego to Washington. DC on July 4th.

    Follow the daily blog at

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