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The World Run was conceived by Jesper Olsen during the controversy concerning a previous runners claim that he had encircled the world on foot. Jesper Olsen decided that it was possible to carry a tracking device which would enable his position to be monitored electronically via satellite, The LifePilot. Using this device Jesper was able to upload photos to his website and so provide evidence that supported his claim of being where he said he was. Jesper Olsen set out on January the 1st 2004 with Alexander Korotov and eventually returned to London on October the 25th 2005 having succeeded in running around the world without doubt in anyone's mind that this was the absolute truth.

In July 2008 Jesper began the next project, World Run II, with fellow ultrarunner Sarah Barnett from Australia. World Run II is a North to South run from Nordkapp, Norway to Cape Town South Africa and thence to Punta Arenas in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, USA and ending in Mt Pearl, Newfoundland.