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The Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) is a British association whose aim is "to further the common interests of those who enjoy Long Distance Walking".[1] It was established in 1972 by Chris Steer, Alan and Barbara Blatchford and has over 8,800 members.[2] It defines a "long distance walk" as "any walk over 20 miles".[3]

The association has 43 local groups which organise walks for their members, and publishes a journal Strider three times a year. Walks fall into two categories. Group walks (also referred to as social walks) are normally led walks of around 20 miles in length. Challenge events[4] are normally between 20 and 100 miles, are self led (i.e. participants navigate the route based on written instructions) and must generally be completed within a defined time limit. Challenge walks are marshalled i.e. participants must call in at clipper points or checkpoints to get a tally card punched to show they are following the route. Information about group walks, challenge events (including ones arranged by other organisations who agree to the association's conditions for challenge walks) and other information of interest to walkers such as a database of long distance paths in the UK can be found via the association's web site. The LDWA also offers both members and non-members the opportunity to have their hill walking achievements recognised as well as completion of the UK National Trails.

The LDWA's annual "Hundred" event,[5][6] entailing walking 100 miles in 48 hours,[7] takes place each Spring Bank Holiday weekend.[2]

The Association, along with the Ramblers Association, is recognised by Sport England as the governing body for "Rambling" in England.[8]

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