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 From: Christian Griffith
 To: Ultrapost List
 Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 1:26 PM
 Subject: Run Across Georgia

 Want to run across Georgia in the spring of 2010? (yea, next spring.)
 It started out simply enough.
 I have this goal of doing a trans USA.
 ATY taught me that I still have a lot of learnin' to do with regards to multi-days, so I figured that after my experience at Keys 100, and after another ATY (if I'm lucky enough to get back in), I should be ready to try a single-state crossing in the spring.
 So, I mapped a couple of routes, had tentatively settled on one, and announced my plans to the world via Facebook.
 I have gotten 112 emails thus far of people interested and a hefty facebook group of folks that are either interested or supportive of the effort.
 I have no idea how to do an event, so I won't sit here and try to play knowledgeable RD, or make some great promises regarding this event will be   "the greatest experience of your life"
 I'm just a dude, with a personal goal, who's idea has seemed to grow into others' potential personal goal, and I'm offering to use my own time and funds to learn and understand the runnability of the route, design and develop some sort of loose logistics, and invite whoever to come tromp across Georgia from Lake Eufala, Alabama to pristine beaches of Jekyll
 Island, Georgia.
 You can soak you tired feet in the Atlantic - and pop a bottle of champagne which will be provided to every finishing runner.
 It won't really even be a race - but I provide finishers something extra special for the 244 mile beat-down.
 I won't ask for any entry fees or financial help - instead, I'd like to view any expenses I incur as a lesson in management and eduction.
 If you're interested in keeping up with this event as I learn and develop it, please email me at:
 [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

The official site is:


 I will keep everyone updated as to the progress of the event, nailed down dates for Spring 2010, and a final course route + heaps and loads of logistics as I learn and develop.
 It will be fun to put this together - I'll let passion be my guide.

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