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Posted on the Ultralist, Paul Schoenlaub writes

Hi Shannan,

I'm from St. Joseph, so I run a lot of the races in the Midwest. The Rockin K has already been mentioned. It's a great race; one that I run every year. It is more difficult that Sunmart, but much easier than a mountain race. Most of us that run the Rockin K can't figure out why the times are as slow as they are, but it's a lot of fun. There is a trail marathon option and a lot of the 50 milers drop back to that after the first loop, so you have to be determined to get a 50 miler in on this course. The course is mostly rolling hills in Kanapolis State Park just west of Salina. There are, I believe, about 4 water crossing per loop (it's a 2 loop course) and sometimes the beaver dams can make the one or two of the crossings stomach deep. There are a few sandy sections and a few rocky sections as well, but a lot of good, clean, hilly prairie running (and a few small box canyon-like areas that are pretty fun.) Phil and Stacy Sheridan do a top notch job RDing this race and I think the KUS family makes all the entrants feel at home. This race us usually the first weekend in April.


50 Mile and Trail Marathon


Kanopolis State Park - Kansas


7:00 AM

Runner Limit

100 runners


  • Pre-race & Post race dinners *

Race Directors

RD's: Phil and Stacy Sheridan, 785-472-5454 email: psheridan(at)


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