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[[Category: Multiday Athlete]]
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Rimas Jakelaitis is one of the world’s great superlong distance runners. In 2000, Rimas astounded everyone with a world record of 16 days 00 hours in the 1300 miler, taking over 15 hours off the record as well as gaining the 2000 km world best. In 2001 he won the Ten Day race, running 901 miles for ten days,the second best total in history. In the process he passed 600 miles for six days,becoming only the 12th person alltime to ever do it. In 1999 he won the Six-day race with 517 miles. Rimas won the Ten Day in 2004 for the fourth time with 653 miles. He holds the Lithuanian record for 100 km(7:20)and has run the marathon in 2:35. He even ran the 3100 miler in 2002, completing the distance in 50 days 2 hours. He has also won several shorter ultras in the New York area.

In the Self-Transcendence 10 day race in 2006 he held off Vladimir Balatskyto win the race with 665 miles, despite having knee problems after the first day.

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