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The GUTSMUTHS-RENNSTEIGLAUF is a cross-country race named after GutsMuth. It is run along the Rennsteig, a long-distance walking/running route that traverses the Thüringer Wald. The GutsMuths is the longest cross-country race in Central Europe, and quite certainly one of the most beautiful. Each year those who participate as runners or walkers number around 15,000. Run regularly since the 1970´s, it was the GDR´s biggest amateur sporting event.


  • Super Marathon, which starts in Eisenach. Distance: 72,7 kilometres; altitude at start 150 m above sea level, highest point reached 970 m; altitude of finishing point in Schmiedefeld 740 m. Run by around 1500 people.
  • Marathon, which starts at Neuhaus am Rennweg. Distance: 43,5 km); starting altitude 830 m, highest altitude 850 m, altitude at finish 740 m in Schmiedefeld. Run by around 3500 participants.
  • Half Marathon begins in Oberhof. Distance 21,1 kilometres; starting altitude 820 m, highest altitude 970 m, altitude at finish 740 m in Schmiedefeld. Run by around 6000 participants.