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Phil Essam has a keen interest in multiday and ultra running in Australia and is unfolding his vision of creating a replacement for the now defunct Ultramarathon World which was the online focal point for Ultra and related news before its demise. After being a contributor to, Phil began World Ultra News in March 2005 which in May 2006 grew into PlanetUltramarathon. Phil has in the past been closely associated with the Colac 6 day race and currently has helped host the Stromlo 12 hour with Martin Fryer.

Ultra Legends

In 2008 Phil was inspired to initiate a new project called Ultra Legends to create an historical archive of ultrarunning history from newspaper clippings, photos and other media. Whilst initially maintaining both Planetultramarathon and Ultra Legends, it was the history of the sport that Phil found more appealing as the site has now become one of the most significant sources of ultrarunning history

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