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*[www.6giornidelpantano.blogspot.com Pantano 6 Day Race]
*[http://www.6giornidelpantano.blogspot.com Pantano 6 Day Race]
*[[Category:Italian Multidays]]
[[Category:Italian Multidays]]

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The Pantano 6 day race 2012 will be the first 6 day race to take place in Italy. The event also includes 24/48/72 Hour races and will take place from 30th June to 6th July 2012.

The course is a 6 km loop closed to the traffic, illuminated in the evening and follows a route around 'WWF Oasis of Pantano Lake' in Pignola, about about 8 km from Potenza (the capital town).


  • The race is organized by Pasquale Brandi