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1107 3rd Av, N. Kelso,WA, 98626
*1107 3rd Av, N. Kelso,WA, 98626
*[http://run2xs.com/Run/PacRim/index.htm Pacific Rim One Day Race]
*[http://cowlitzvalleyrunners.org Check the events calendar for Pacific Rim One Day Race]
===Race Report===
===Race Report===

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The Pacific Rim One Day 24 hour Endurance Run takes place on a one mile loop on the banks of Lake Sacajawea.This is located at the intersection of Hemlock and Kessler in Longview, Washington.


  • One mile loop alongside Lake Sacajawea, Longview, Washington. The surface is mostly gravel.
  • Course photos


Weather conditions are unpredictable but rain not uncommon.

Race aid

Water, electrolyte,cookies, bananas etc. Showers at the nearby YMCA.


Fred Willet



Race Report


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