Ouachita 50 Mile Trail Race

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Posted on the Ultralist, Paul Schoenlaub writes:

Ouachita Trails 50 miler near Little Rock Arkansas is another one of my favorites, however several miles of the course are pretty rocky/technical. About 5 miles into the race, there is about a 15 minutes climb up Pinnacle Mountain (basically a lot of boulders that you simply have to climb up and get over - - no running here) but then the rest of the course is pretty runable. It is pretty hill, but has some flat stretches here and there also. There is about a 2 1/2 mile road section at the start and end of the race to get to and from the trail, and another maybe 1/2 mile section of road about 7 miles into the race. Stan and Chrissy Ferguson so a terrific job as RD's of this race. (If you aren't aware of this, they also RD the Arkansas Traveler 100 too.) This race is usually about 2 weeks after the Rockin K (about the 3rd weekend in April.)

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