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This wiki is a repository of information about ultra and multiday running. Created with the idea of having in one place a resource which is encyclopaedic providing a little information about a lot of races, people and the world of super long distance running. is run by Abichal who maintains the site on his own and at his own expense. Abichal does not claim to be a perfect specimen of a human being and one of the obvious indicators of this is the inconsistent site maintenance and construction program... please accept his apologies.

Due to phenomenal amounts of spam the natural wiki nature has been suspended, however anyone is welcome to send material to the site or to request an account to edit the Multidaywiki. I will be more than happy if someone wants to contribute.

Other Wiki's

There are other ultra related wiki's on the net.


The Australian Ultra Runners' Association A.U.R.A.

Contact: [email protected]