Mount Hood PCT 50 Miler

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Kent Holder posted these comments on the Ultralist:

Hi Karl, You're gonna like this course! I've run both the 50 mile & 50K, which is just a shorter & easier version of the 50 mile. With the exception of about .5 mile on the paved road from the start/finish at the Clackamas Ranger sta. to the PCT trailhead the entire race is on the Pacific Crest Trail. The elevation ranges from about 1400' to just over 6000' at the turnaround. Most of it is near or under 4000'. The trail itself is typical PCT hiking path conditions with runnable climbs & descents. The section of about 3 miles to & from the turnaround to Timbertine Lodge is steeper & very sandy in varying sections in the last 2 miles. Rocks & roots are found throughout the run but not really a problem if you pay attention. I found most of the trail a delight to run on. If it's dry there can be lots of dust early when the trail is crowded. If it's wet the soil drains pretty well & isn't very muddy. If you go to the website you will find very comprehensive descriptions of the trail with lots of great pictures & other good stuff. The race organization is 1st rate, knowledgeable, experienced RDs doing everything right. The fleece jacket is terrific, post race food varied & well presented. I absolutely recommend running this race or at least putting it on your "must do" list for the future. I'm going back again for a last training run tune-up for Where's Waldo 100K.

Kent Holder