McNaughton Park Ultra

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Another trail option, this one in the spring is McNaughton. It is 100% trail. Some don't like the fact that it repeats itself (10 mile loops), but that way you only need a drop bag at the start finish, very convenient. Can't say it is hazard free however. A few years back a dead tree fell on a runner during the race and injured him. I've seen more deer during this race than any other I've participated in. Based on WS being correctly timed at 30 hours, I consider the 100 mile option at McNaughton a 28-30 hour race with a 36 hour limit. I think that is good. With a mid-April race date, many Midwesterners at least are still training outside in snow shoes and skis and might not be up to the distance were it not for the extra time allowing for an easier pace. Not many rocks or roots with some short steep ups and downs, mostly firm dirt with leaves and a couple (used to be three) you-will-get-your-feet-wet stream crossings to cool your feet. I consider it an excellent training 100 for the summer 100s as well as a fun run in its own regard. Allan R Holtz (Ultralist, November 2006)


  • 2001


  • Three options in 2007
  • 50m, 100m 150m
  • Also has a Walking division

Time Limits

  • For the 50 and 100 - 36 hours.
  • For the 150 miles - 48 hours.


  • Mostly singletrack, forest

Race Director

  • Andy Weinberg


  • Home: (309) 346-3601
  • Work: (309) 347-4101 ext. 6380
  • Address: 708 Washington, Pekin IL 61554.
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