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Welcome to the Multidaywiki,
The reference source for multiday races.
We currently have 633 articles.

Multiday Running

Multidays is a resource that supports multiday and ultrarunning projects by providing news and updates through the website and its free online magazine, Ultrarunning World.

What is a multiday race

A multiday race is an ultramarathon that takes place over several days. Multiday races are a test of a runners' endurance, skill with pacing, and ability to recover from the stress of constantly moving. The competitors run with minimal sleep, all the while trying to accumulate as many miles as possible. These events stretch upwards from 24 (such as the Self-Transcendence 12/24 Basel race) and 48 hour races such as the Surgères 48 hour race (no longer held) and the Taipei 48hr Ultra Marathon.

Multidays By Time

The standard time-frame is the six day race, the most famous being Colac Six Day Race in Australia and the Self-Transcendence 6 Day Race in New York and of course the Marathon des Sables. Other race time-frames exist as well as do events based on distance, the longest certified race being the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race in New York.

Multidays By Distance

Trans-national events exist like the Trans-Am, Deutschlandlauf and the Transe Gaule as well as point to point and stage events and there is a new edition of the TransEurope footrace planned for 2021.

Since the 1980's multiday running has enjoyed a rennaissance as has ultrarunning as a whole. Despite the amount of time required to complete these events, these races are a tremendous opportunity to discover one's capacity, to test one's limits and to transcend perceived difficulties and learn to operate most efficiently within a given environment.

Well known Ultrarunners

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