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Wolfgang Schwerk is an ultramarathon runner, born 1956 and now living in Solingen, Germany. He was a trained retail-salesman, baritone opera singer, farmer, carpenter, and poultry breeder before becoming a house-husband in 1984. He has been married to opera singer Cornelia Berger-Schwerk since 1981 and they have one daughter.

Ultrarunning Career

He is a highly-respected multiday runner and the current 3100 mile World Record holder.

  • Wolfgang also finished the Trans-Australia Race in 2001 (2,900 miles).

In 2002 Schwerk impressed the running world with a tremendous victory in 42 days+13:24:03 (WR).This also established 74 new distance records, from 1400 miles up to 5000 km. His performance was so dominating, averaging 72.8 miles (117.13 km) per day, that he led the world, that year, with the fastest 1000 mile time - a split of 13 days, 5 hours.

  • Placed third in the Lisbon-Moscow race in 2003.
  • In the summer of 2006, he broke his own time of 42 days 13:24:03 set in 2002 with a new record of 41 days 08:16:29, averaging 75.111 miles per day.
  • In 2010 won the Athens Ultra Festival 1000 mile race in 11d:23:18:32
  • In 2011 Schwerk ran 1000 km at the Athens Ultra Festival in 183:48:58 - coming second.

Schwerk is also ranked second all time at the 24 hour distance with 171.628 miles.


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