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*[http://www.leadvilletrail100.com/ Leadville Trail 100 Mile Race]
*[http://www.leadvilletrail100.com/ Leadville Trail 100 Mile Race]
[Category: 100 Mile Races]
[Category:100 Mile Races]
[Category: Trail Races]
[Category:Trail Races]
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{{Template:Ultra events}}

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The Leadville 100 Mile Race (aka The Race Across The Sky)is an annual race held on the trails and dirt roads at high altitude through the heart of the Rocky Mountains in and around Leadville, Colorado. Leadville is one of the four 100 milers in the United States that comprise the Western Slam and one of the four races that make up the Grand Slam.


First run in 1983

Race Records

Matt Carpenter, age 41, holds the course record set in 2005. His time of 15:42 shattered the previous Leadville Trail 100 record.

Ann Trason holds the female LT100 record, 18:06:24, which set in 1994

Race Date

Usually round the third week of August

Race Report

This is a great report from Joey Anderson


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