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Kaneenika Janakova, from Bratislava, Slovakia born in 1970, has been running since her youth and in 2001 made her multiday debut at the Wards Island Sri Chinmoy 6 day race.


In primary school, she didn't run very well, but when she went to high school during socialism she got a gold badge. Her first marathon in 1996 wasn't her best performance, it took her 4 hours and 45 minutes. At the Košický marathon, she was getting better with a time of 4:05. Then she dared to go for longer runs. Between the years 1998 and 2014 she ran 6, 12, 24 and 48-hour races. In 2001 she tried 6-day races for the first time. Later she added a 700-mile race, a 1000-mile race and 10-day races. In 2015 she entered her first 3100-mile race run which lasted 52 days.

Race History

  • 2001 Sri Chinmoy 6 day 364 (3rd)
  • 2001 Sri Chinmoy 700 m 11 days 12 hours
  • 2002 Sri Chinmoy 700m 10 days+19:52:05 (Slovakian national record)
  • 2003 Sri Chinmoy 1000 15 days+19:53:07 (Slovakian national record)
  • 2005 Self-Transcendence 6 day 407 (2nd)
  • 2006 Self-Transcendence 6 day 422 (2nd)(Slovakian national record)

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