Javelina Jundred 100 Mile Race

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  • Is the 2007 Javelina happening for sure? What's the course like? Thanks


Scott Eilerts wrote:

  • The Javelina course is dangerously benign. Few long trails in the desert Southwest have easier terrain. It is 100% runnable for even the average ultrarunner. However, the 15.4 mile loop on the Pemberton Trail is pretty typical of the Southwest, with abrasive dirt/dust, pointy rocks on one stretch, the occasional thorny cactus or bush, very low humidity, almost no shade with a cloudless sky, and lots of up and down. Only a few short bits are flat; only one very short bit that I would consider steep. Add it all up, and it spells DNF for many that run aggressively early on. Five weeks in retrospect, I would say that success there is all about (1) finding the right pace early (2) monitoring/maintaining hydration and (3) protection from the elements -- sun protection during the day, cold protection at night, and feet protection from the kitty litter dirt.
  • The organization, support, and logistics are nearly ideal. Plentiful aid is every 5.x miles, camping is available within a few yards of the start/finish aid station, very difficult (but possible!) to make a wrong turn, full moon makes for easy nighttime navigation. each time around the loop is in the opposite direction, so you get to see the leaders and the rest of the field several times. The volunteers are absolutely wonderful (special thanks to Dave Combs and Paula Humpage). Nice finisher's buckle too. I'm very happy that it was my first 100.

Scott Eilerts Santa Fe, NM

  • Sandra Powell wrote:

I very much agree with Scott. I tried Javelina in its first year and DNF'ed, going out too fast at the beginning, which is so easy to do. I would recommend good sunglasses, as the glare off the sand can give you quite a headache by mid-afternoon!

Well organized and supported. Camping is available at the race start, but I would recommend going to the camp ground if you want any sleep the night before.

Neat belt buckles this year, but I was a bit disappointed in the goody bag compared to the first time I ran. For the $175 entry fee, we got a shirt, some lip balm, and a bunch of ads in a plastic bag! Would have liked a pre-race dinner, even if I had to pay for it.


Roger Wrublik wrote:

Although we absolutely LOVE to spoil the runners, which we try to do at Across The Years each and every year (where we always end up paying quite a bit out of pocket), 'Jimmy's Javelina Jundred' is totally different. All proceeds from JJJ go to the McDowell Mountain Park and Jimmy ended up giving the park over $10,400 this year (this includes the permits and park fees -- that's over $30,000 given to the park over the past 4 years). That $10,400 that was given to the park this year came about only because of all the donations that were given by some VERY special people and I don't want to mention names because I don't know who they all were (I'll let Jimmy do that). Some help came as cash, some as product and others donated their services (such as the timing, radio communications, food, etc.), not to mention all of the man hours that were put in by so many.

Unlike some other popular races, Javelina has had to pay for things such as medical staff, which was on hand for the entire event and doesn't come cheap!

Jimmy really wanted to give more in the way of items for the goody bags but he ended up spending more of his time and money on developing the belt buckle which made its debut this year. I know it may not seem like a big deal but with the artwork and set-up fees, it was a very time consuming and expensive project. Another reason the goody bags didn't have more in them was because a major sponsor ended up not coming through at the very last minute, which I know Jimmy was really counting on.

And yes, we'd love to offer a pre-race meal and/or a banquet afterwards as well, but that takes even more volunteers and that's a comodity that's getting harder and harder to come by! But yes, we'll be looking for some sponsors and or volunteers that might help with that for next year. We've been talking about this ever since the end of the race and already have some ideas.

Rodger Wrublik (Jimmy Wrublik's father and ATY Host)


6 and a 1/2 loops on a 15.3 mile circuit


  • Pemberton Trailhead, McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Arizona

Runner Limit

125 runners

Time Limit

30 hours

Race Director

  • Jimmy Wrublik




Javelina Jundred 100