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*[http://www.udel.edu/johnmack/traildawgs/hump.html] H.U.M.P. 50k
*[http://www.udel.edu/johnmack/traildawgs/hump.html Trail Dawgs] H.U.M.P. 50k
[[Category: 50 kilmeter races]]
[[Category: 50 kilmeter races]]
{{Template:Ultra events}}
{{Template:Ultra events}}

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Fat Ass style race organised by The Trail Dawgs. An unofficial, unsanctioned, unapproved 31 mile trail run at Maryland's Fair Hill Natural Management Area. The course will be a single loop with additional options for marathon and 20K distances.

===Date=== Saturday, January 6th, 2007 09:00


At the Appleton Road SOUTH parking lot, 0.5 mile south of intersection with Rt. 273, about four miles west of Newark, DE.


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