Greg Soderland

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Greg Soderlund is a Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run finisher and until recently, the longtime race director. He is an avid runner who's logged 32 ultra-marathons in his time.

Soderlund, 65, lost both kidneys, his bladder, urinary tract and prostate to cancer in recent years.

"I feel fine," he said. "All is good."

The irony is, if Soderlund is unable to finish the 13.1-mile journey on the streets of Davis in less than two months hence, it probably won't be because he is missing some vital organs needed for running or just living; he's got this tricky knee that's bothered him for years.

"I'm thinking of getting the knee injected," he said, laughing. "Knee surgery is the last thing I need."

Soderlund, who lost one kidney to cancer in 2009, was forced to retire as Western States' race director in 2012 after cancer returned and claimed his other kidney and his urinary tract.


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