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[http://goldcoast100.com/GC24-48t/index.html Goldcoast 24 & 48 hour track race]
[http://goldcoast100.com/GC24-48t/index.html Goldcoast 24 & 48 hour track race]
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[[Category:48 hour races]]
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The events

Four separate races; 48 hours, 24 hours, 12 hours and 6 hours. .


Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre, Cnr Morala Avenue and Sports Drive, Runaway Bay, Gold Coast, Qld. The race takes place on a 400 metres Mondo athletic track. This type of track is the type used in the Olympic games. T




80 runner limit at any one time. Priority will be given firstly to those entering the longer events.

48 hour event: The 48 hour race incorporates the Australian National championship. To be eligible for the 48 hours National championship, runners must be resident of Australia.

24 hour event: The 24 hour event is available as a qualifying event for the World 24 hour challenge. Male runners achieving more than 200 km and female runners achieving more than 180 km will be preferred for selection.


Goldcoast 24 & 48 hour track race

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