Glasshouse Mountain Trail Run

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The Glasshouse Mountain Trail Run consists of two loops - the western section of approxmately 110k and the eastern section approximately 50k.


  • The terrain varies from easy gravel road to rough, steep singletrack.


The race is run in the state of Queensland, about an hour north of Brisbane. Queensland is a vast, sparsely populated state, a friendly kingdom on the edge of the outback.


The race is held in September, which is early spring, usually a dry time of year with high temperatures in the 80s.

Womens Record Holder

Janine Duplessis

Other Distances

A 100 mile relay, 50 miler and 52K start with the 100 miler, and a 27K and 12K are run the next day, all on the same course.


  • 100m/100km 50/30/10 km

The Management

Ian Javes and his tireless volunteers.


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