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Sometimes when things get tough I like to put on some tunes that have got a good rhythm or some dynamic power that can get me out of the mental space where I'm stuck. CD players never worked. They kept skipping due to my heavy gait. Even my Sony Walkman used to drag in time with my stride but the radio was OK.

  • MP3 Player

The digital revolution provided me with an IRiver 256mb player that was a blast. Great sound quality and the later firmware turned it into a drag and drop fantasy. It survived several years of serious use and a home made repair after one too many interactions with the sidewalk before it finally broke.

I replaced it in 2006 with a 1Gb Creative Muvo which I have had for about 9 months. The only thing I would change is the sound level which is a little too quiet. The 3100 runs through a lot of traffic and even on full sometimes I'm straining to hear. I don't use ear-buds though as they tend to fall out on a regular basis and this probably makes a difference. Apart from that the Creative is light, easy to play and can survive being dropped on the floor multiple times as it comes with a rubbery sheath that covers half the player. Battery-life is excellent - about 20 hours from a AAA.