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The fast and flat 10 kilometre trail circuit around Elk and Beaver Lakes is considered as one of the premiere races of its type in North America. Runners complete 10 laps for the 100K division, 8+ laps for 50 Miles and 5 laps for 50K while walkers complete 4 laps for 25 Miles.

  • Qualifier for 100 Mile events such as Western States, Leadville, Angeles Crest or Wasatch Front
  • IAU Bronze Label


Prairie Inn Harriers

Event Date

  • Saturday, May 7, 2011

Start Times

  • 6:00 a.m. sharp for all runners and 25 Mile walkers

Cut-Off Time

  • 6:00 p.m. - all runners and walkers must finish in 12 hours or sooner.


  • 100 Kilometres - certified - accurately measured (10 laps).
  • 50 Miles - certified - accurately measured (8 laps plus 470 metres).
  • 50 Kilometres - certified - accurately measured (5 laps).
  • 26.2 Miles - First-Timers Marathon - accurately measured (4 laps plus 2.2 Kilometres)
  • 25 Miles, Walking Division only, - certified - accurately measured (4 laps).


  • All trails, very flat, good footing, excellent condition. Definitely a runner-friendly, P.R. type course!


  • Covered Shelter, Beaver Lake parking lot, on the Patricia Bay Highway, 10 kilometres north of Victoria, 20 kilometres south of Victoria airport and ferry terminal. Easy access to Start/Finish area, good parking.


  • Online registration available at [[1]].
  • Registrations will be accepted by mail up to one week before race day. Day-of-race entrants will only be accepted should entry limit not be reached.

Entry Limits

  • The first 200 entries will be accepted. Elite or far-travelled athletes will receive special consideration.


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