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==Race Website==
==Race Website==
[http://www.deutschlandlauf.com/deutschlandlauf/index.php Deutschlandlauf]
[http://www.deutschlandlauf.com/deutschlandlauf/index.php Deutschlandlauf]
[[Category:Stage Races]]
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The Deutschlandlauf (Germany Run) is the brainchild of Race Director Ingo Schultze who was the inspiration behind the 2003 Trans-Europe Footrace.From its starting point in Cape Arkona on the island of Reugen in Northern Germany. The 1,200km route covers the length of Germany finishing at Loerrach on the Swiss Border. Spread over 17 days, this race usually takes place in September and has turned into an annual event due to it's growing popularity.


1998 and not run again until 2005 and 2006

Race Winners

  • 1998 -
  • 2005 -
  • 2006 -

Race Reports

Race Website


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