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*[[11th Nove Colli 200km]]
*[[11th Nove Colli 200km]]
*[[12 and 48 Hour]]
*[[150 km over 3 days.]]
*[[Défi de l'Oisans]]
*[[Défi de l'Oisans]]
*[[24/48 hours of Andorra]]
*[[24/48 hours of Andorra]]

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Multiday races take a huge amount of work, time and effort from a dedicated team. Over the years many races have come and gone and some have remained popular and grown from strength to strength while others have been one-off events, experiments and the like. Already a few of the races below are no longer taking place, such as the IsarRun, Dusk to Dusk and Houston Ultra Weekend. More events are filling their places

Recent and Current Races

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