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==Current Races==
Multiday races take a huge amount of work, time and effort from a dedicated team. Over the years many races have come and gone and some have remained popular and grown from strength to strength.
==2006 Races==
*[[Across The Years]] 72/48/24
*[[Antibes 6 Day]]
*[[Arizona 6 Day]]
*[[Cliff Young 6 Day Race]] (not held in 2006)
*[[Desert R.A.T.S.]]
*[[Dusk to Dusk]] (not held in 2006)
*[[Erkrath 6 Day]] (not held in 2006)
*GORE-TEX [[Transalpine-Run]]
*[[Houston Ultra Weekend]]
*[[Iditarod Trail Invitational]]
*[[Indian Ultra 3,6,10 Days (proposed and cancelled until 2007)
*[[Isarrun 333km]]
*[[La Transe Gaule]]
*[[Loutraki ultra festival]]
*[[Marathon of Britain]]
*[[Patagonia Adventure Run]]
*[[Self-Transcendence 10 Day]]
*[[Self-Transcendence 3100]]
*[[Self-Transcendence 6 Day]]
*[[Sur La Piste des Maharajahs]]
*[[Surgeres 48 hour]]
*[[Swiss Jura Marathon]]
*[[The Coastal Challenge]]
*[[The Libyan Challenge]](190k)
*[[Three Days of Syllamo]]
*[[Toyota Dealers 6 Day]]
*[[Ultracentric]] 48/24/12/6
*[[Yukon Arctic Ultra]]

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