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[[Category:Ultra Festivals]]
[[Category:Ultra Festivals]]
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[[Category:Multiday Races]]
[[Category: Multiday Races]]

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The Celtic Ultra Fest is a multiday running festival planned for September 7th 2014 at Weston-super-Mare. The event will follow a similar format to other ultra festivals by including 72/48 and 24 hour races. The CUF will also feature 100 km and 100 mile races.


The event will take place at Royal Sands on the promenade at Weston on a 500m out and 500 m back loop. The flat paved surface makes this a road race, the first 6 day road race in modern times and possibly the first 6 day road race in the UK.


  • Abichal Sherrington

email:[email protected]


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