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[[Journey Runner]]
[[Journey Runners]]

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Bruce Johnson has been running for 22 years. In that time Bruce has run 252 miles across Wisconsin, and also ran 232 from Idaho to past Great Falls, Montana over the Rockies. He has run 20 marathons and was chosen to run with the Olympic Torch during the 100th Anniversary of the Olympics. On February 1, 2005 he ran 2901 miles across the United States in 105 straight days.

Having run East to West in 2005, Bruce Johnson is planning a return journey. His site says:

Transcon runner Bruce Johnson will attempt a record setting 2nd run across America. I will be running East to West this time using a different route (see below). Only a handful of other runners since 1928 have accomplished this feat. Johnson says, "Although that is intriguing to me, it is not the reason I want to do this. I plan on starting September 1st, 2007.


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