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The first Big's Backyard Ultra was a trial event in 2010 with the first event proper held October 26th 2011. Held on property owned by Gary Cantrell aka Laz Lake in Wartrace, TN the popularity of the event grew in 2018/19 and affiliate races were created with Golden Tickets awarded to race winners that gave automatic entry into the Backyard Ultra World Championships that take place as Big's Backyard Ultra.


The course is a 4.16 mile loop, 6.7056 km, which due to the roughness of parts of the course switches to a road route when it gets dark and reverts back to trail when it gets light.


Runners have an hour to complete the loop and be ready at the start line for the next hour. Those not ready are disqualified and the winner is the last person to complete a loop.


In the 2018 event it came down to two strong ultrarunners, Courtney Dauwalter and Johan Steene, with Steene being the Last Man Standing after 68 hours and 283.335 miles.


British born Katie Wright, living in New Zealand was the first woman to win a LMS by outlasting the competion at the Riverhead Backyard Ultra with 30 hours. In 2019 Maggie Guterl prevailed over Will Hayward finishing 250 miles in 60 hours to become the first woman finisher at BBU.


The 2020 event will take place on October 17th.

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