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*[http://www.100km.ch/Biel/Bienne 100k]
*[http://www.100km.ch Biel/Bienne 100k]
{{Template:Ultra events}}
{{Template:Ultra events}}
[[Category:100 kilometer races]]
[[Category:100 kilometer races]]
[[Category:Ultramarathons in Switzerland]]
[[Category:Swiss Ultramarathons]]

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The Biel 100km run is the oldest 100k run worldwide. It includes also a marathon and a half marathon. Also special about the runs are, that they take place thru the night (start is at 10pm). The track is around 60% on dirt road and 40% on pavemant.




Biel, Switzerland

  • Several race distances/categories
  • Timelimit of 20h.


Marathons, Ultramarathons and Multiday Events